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Business Insights

By Mitch Turner,
President of BlueWave
Consulting - Jan 2007

The key to successful strategy execution is that the roles, responsibilities and timeframes must be clearly defined, communicated and monitored. I make use of a technique known as RACI. This stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consult and Inform.

Here's how it works. First, define all the tasks required to meet the objective of the plan. Then define the roles/people that are involved in the plan. For each task there must be one, and ONLY one, role/person identified as Accountable. Do not have more than one person accountable, as this leads to 'finger pointing' and the task will never be completed on time. Once accountability for each task has been identified, all roles/people Responsible for actually doing the work are identified. There may be multiple R's for each task. Next, identify any role/person that needs to be Consulted on the task or Informed of the outcome. Again, there may be multiples of these for each task. Finally, ensure each task has a defined start and end date.

Once this has been completed, normally in a workshop environment with all the parties involved, the entire project must be clearly communicated and then progress monitored on a regular basis. Whenever progress is slipping, the accountable (A) person must explain the reason/s for the problem and the action being taken to resolve the problem.

I guarantee that just using this simple system will improve your company's ability to execute on its plans and increase the bottom line. This system should become standard management practice as you better understand the financial implications of your business actions. Over the years I have been helping businesses, both small and large, dramatically improve their ability to execute on plans through the use of this technique. This increased ability to execute can translate into between a 5% to 25% increase in profits.

Please email me to receive an example of a RACI chart.